Broken Laptop or Desktop – what next …

Adding to the stress and strain of life today may be a broken laptop or desktop. If it’s used daily as part of your job, education or business the stress can be especially felt. This article attempts to help you decide on a course of action when faced with a laptop or desktop repair.

1. Repair or Replace

One of the first questions that usually come to mind is “Is now a good time to just buy a new laptop?” The answer to that question is… “It Depends.” Depending on the severity of your laptop repair, the price of a new laptop, whether technology has changed enough to justify the investment in aquiring the latest, and the age of your broken laptop, it may be a wise choice to throw in the towel and stump up for a new laptop.

Some of the types of repairs that would warrant this action are:

  • A broken motherboard (beyond component level repair)
  • A severely damaged case
  • Maximum memory installed

These types of repairs are the most costly and taking into account how long you have had your laptop or its age then this may be a good time to get a new one.

2. Your Data

Whether you decide to replace or repair your laptop / desktop there is still the question of your data. If your machine won’t turn on it makes it very difficult for you to access your data. That is why it is so important to make frequent backups of your data to avoid loosing the lot. Some laptop repair services offer data backup and recovery with their repairs, so make sure you ask about recovery and backup options with your repairer. With your data in the hands of a repairer you want to make sure you choose a reputable repair service so that the data remains safe until you get it back.

3. Repair Cost

It is always a good idea to know how much the laptop / desktop repair is going to cost before the repair is carried out. Sometimes this can be difficult because most repair services need to diagnose your laptop / desktop fault to find out what is wrong with it before they are able to give you a price. Most, however will have a pretty good idea of what is necessary based on their experience and the make and model of the laptop / desktop. Remember that a lot of repairers offer a “no fix no fee” policy which may or may not mean free diagnoses, so check carefully the terms and conditions.

Finally …

We hope that this article has given you some insight into the world of laptop and desktop repair. So before you choose a repairer to handle your repair, do some research, speak with them over the phone and ask questions. The more informed you are about what to expect and what to look for the more you may be able to save.


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