What are your opening hours?
Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm excluding public holidays.

Which brands can you repair and/or service?

We are qualified to repair and service all netbook and notebook brands outside their original warranty period. We have solid experience in the repair and service of major brands as all Apple Products, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, ASUS, Dell, Acer, Lenovo and Sony.

Do you have a minimum fee or charge for repairs?

Yes, a Diagnosis Fee applies to all repairs. This fee is designed to compensate us for the time spent on diagnosing the problem with your laptop and on accurately costing the solution including the cost of parts. However, this Diagnosis Fee is waived if you proceed with the repair. It is payable only if you don’t proceed with the repair in which case it is applicable even if we determine that your laptop is not faulty or that the fault cannot be repaired.

How quickly can you repair my laptop?

One of our key objectives at Broder Computers is to complete your service request as quickly as possible. Our aim is to diagnose and repair your notebook or netbook computer within 3 to 5 business days (Monday to Friday) under our Standard Service Level. We achieve this turnaround time in the majority of our laptop repairs. The diagnosis process may take time, especially if there are several faults, they are intermittent, or they require special repair techniques. The availability of parts may also delay the repair process, although we stock on site a selection of spare parts to ensure quick turnarounds. Please note that we operate on a “first in first served” basis and that job backlog may delay the progress of your repair. If you need your notebook repaired urgently, you can book your service request under a Priority Service Level (an upfront fee of applies). Under the priority level, you essentially jump the queue at each stage of the repair process. We book your service request and immediately hand the job over to a technician who drops any task at hand and carries out a diagnosis on your laptop. Should a part be needed, it is ordered straight away. Once the part is received, your job is immediately worked on, tested and returned the same day (if testing is successful). Note that part delivery times could range from an overnight delivery to several weeks, depending on availability and the supplier’s location. So in effect, the service request takes place as soon as feasible and takes precedence over other repairs booked under a standard service level. A priority fee, collected upfront, applies for this level of service and is not refundable in the case of delays in part sourcing.

Can you diagnose my laptop over the phone?

Unfortunately, we may not be able to accurately diagnose a faulty laptop without physically testing it. There may be multiple faults that cannot be identified over the phone. Even if you have some technical skills, please allow us to examine your laptop in our controlled, anti-static environments at our service centres. This will provide a safer and more accurate diagnosis. Please note that you may void any warranty cover if you attempt to repair the notebook or netbook yourself.

Can you arrange to pick-up and/or return my laptop by courier?

Yes, we can arrange for a courier to pick-up and/or return your laptop regardless of warranty status.

What should I give you with my laptop when I am seeking a repair service?

You must complete and sign a Service Request Form, which would provide us with all the necessary information about your laptop to perform the repair service. When experiencing a power related fault, please include the laptop’s battery and the power adaptor. Please do not provide us with any other accessories other than the recovery CDs for your laptop (if available).

Can you estimate the cost of the repair?

In some instances we will be able to provide you with a verbal estimate of the cost of the repair before booking in your laptop for service. However, often the laptop will need to be booked into our system and assessed before we can provide you with an accurate fault diagnosis and the cost of the required repair.

How long do you guarantee out-of-warranty repair work?

We guarantee all of our out-of-warranty repair work for 90 days from invoice date, subject to our ability to diagnose and remedy the reoccurring fault and subject to our ability to source the required parts. In the unlikely event that the same fault is experienced, we will treat the re-work as a priority and complete the repair as soon as possible at no additional charges (subject to our Service Terms and Conditions). This guarantee is void if there is any evidence of tampering, misuse or accidental damage including liquid spills.

How do I know when my laptop is ready for collection?

We will call you when your laptop is ready for collection. We respectfully request that you do not call us for progress reports as this slows down the repair process.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payment by cash, M-pesa and other mobile money transfers accepted in Kenya. Personal cheques and company cheques are not accepted without prior arrangement and they must be cleared before the release of your laptop. Top

Do I pay now or on collection?

In the case of all out-of-warranty service requests, we collect an agreed upfront prepayment of which is then credited to the total invoice amount. Full payment of the total invoice amount is due upon collection of your laptop.

Do you provide credit?

Unless the service provided is covered by warranty or is on account, payment is strictly due on collection of your notebook or netbook PC. Your laptop will not be returned until payment is received (we retain a security interest in your laptop until full payment is made).

Can you return the box I send the laptop in for repair?

Yes. However, you will need to specifically ask us to return the box to you in the Service Request Form.

Can you fix all notebook / netbook related malfunctions?

Our technicians are experienced professionals and receive regular training. They have repaired thousands of laptops in their careers and there are very few problems that they cannot resolve.

Can you increase the speed of my laptop?

We can advise you on the most cost effective solution to increase the speed of your laptop. Our qualified technicians can then install the necessary components and perform a system-wide tune up on your laptop to enhance its performance.

Can you increase the memory and hard drive size of my laptop?

Yes, we can perform memory and hard drive upgrades on almost all laptop models. Please ask us for a quote.

Do you carry spare parts?

Yes, we carry a select range of new spare parts as well as second hand spare parts. We hold accounts with all major part suppliers and we can usually obtain parts for your notebook in a matter of days. However, please note that some parts may not be available in the market, particularly for aged models.

Will you send my laptop to a third party to repair?

Our technicians carry out most of the repairs in our own service centre at our Moi Avenue store. In the event that we need to engage a third party, such as a data recovery specialist, we will advise you of this fact and manage the repair process for you.

Can you assist me with on-site repairs?

No, due to the nature of the repair process we only undertake repairs at our service centre. Laptop components are highly sensitive to static and dust so they should only be tested and repaired in sterile and fit-for-purpose work environments.

Do you offer data recovery?

Yes we do. We can carry out data recovery attempts from any media. We attempt basic data recovery in-house and if not successful we refer the request to our specialist partner of many years who have the expertise and equipment to carry out advanced data recovery attempts in a specialised laboratory environment. Our data recovery prices are approximately half the industry norms and our recovery success rate is very high.

How do I obtain service?

You can book your service request in 3 easy ways. You can book your service request online and we would take care of the rest OR you can drop in at either our Moi Avenue Shop (Contrust Hse. Arklands Exhibition, Upstairs Room No. 20) for over the counter booking, no appointment necessary OR you can call us 0723 143182 for assistance. Whichever method you choose, we are ready to serve you and deal with your service request as soon as possible.

What sort of problems can you fix?

We are laptop experts and can fix any laptop related faults including damage resulting from accidental drops, overheating, electrical surges, liquid spills and damaged power jacks. We are experts at software issues as well and can tackle viruses, spywares and malwares. We can also perform memory upgrades, hard drive upgrades and other performance enhancement services.


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